Valentine Fun Shoot

Valentine’s Day was a Wednesday this year – a shooting evening at KLB – so we thought we’d celebrate!

Sparkly hearts concealing fiendish or friendly scoring instructions were attached to every boss and the suitably adapted and decorated scoresheets (with working out area for the extra maths required) were issued.

After the first three arrows were shot, we approached the target to find out what sweet or sickly calculations would need to be performed. It could have been a cryptic clue to solve such as “LOVE in tennis represents which number? Score ‘LOVE’ for your 3-end total” or a bit of love poetry “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, if you haven’t hit Gold, times your score by 2”. We struggled with the answers, then struggled with the maths and then shared our hearts with another boss ready for the next end.

This continues for 3 dozen arrows with cries of joy or despair depending on what the heart wants, and some sneaky distribution of the good or bad news hidden (mostly!) from the next recipient.

While the scores were being collated with the help of Tabby, the action continued with a heart-shaped wand shoot, Georgina distributing chocolates to those who could, in true Cupid fashion, shoot an arrow through the dangling hearts. It’s amazing how a chocolate incentive sharpens the aim. There were not many chocs left on the plate!

We finished off the evening with a heart balloon bonanza (Stephanie having spent most of the session pumping them up – Thanks, Stephanie 😉)

The scoresheets were a jumble of sums, scribbling-outs, doodles and dodgy maths and it might have been a ‘share the love’ kind of night but points were deducted for incomplete scoresheets (there’s no excuse for not filling all the boxes!) and then the results were in.

A heart-shaped lollipop each was the prize for the Best Girl’s score and the Best Boy’s score, and the skilful recipients were Georgina (292) and Mark (610). Well done guys! As for the rest of us:-

Dave (540.5), Max (401), Steve (371.5), Tim (349), Lee (335), Chris (309), Rowan (291), Mel (177.5), Tabby (139) and Emily (97)


I’m not sure we will ever see the like again, but it was fun while it lasted! 💘