New Round Names

Archery GB have announced a name change for some of the popular Outdoor Imperial rounds we shoot here at KLB. So say goodbye to the "Short", "Junior" and "Short Junior" monikers and say hello  to the more comprehensive "50", "40" and "30" suffixes. So a "Short Junior National" round (referring to  a round of 6 dozen arrows, 4 dozen at 30yards and 2 dozen at 20 yards) will now be known as a "National30" (the 30 referring to the longest distance shot), a "National40" will be the old "Junior National"(40/30yds) and "National50"will be the new name for the old "Short National"(50/40yds). The same applies to another KLB favourite the "Warwick", along with the "Western" and "Windsor" rounds. 

Go on, test yourself...

What is the new name for a Short Warwick?

Please make sure your scoresheets are filled in with the correct round names to help Barry work out the league positions/handicaps.