Longbow Tournament 2023

On another scorcher of a Sunday, the KLBAC archers took to the shooting field to contest the annual Longbow Tournament to win this little guy.

Last years winner Mark,  after admitting that hadn't shot his longbow since last years tournament, then proceeded to set the early pace and by mid way had a healthy lead. The round shot was a Western which has 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 4 dozen at 50 yards, so things could all change in the second half.

But they didn't and Mark romped away in the second half too, snagging the clubs Western Longbow record in the process.

The medals went as such: 

Mark - Gold and trophy

Steve - Silver

Dave - Bronze

We also had some other prizes too  for folks who scored the most golds and whites but were unrewarded in the medals.

Choccy bars went to:

JB - Most Golds

Neil - Most Whites

The day ended with a whistling arrow in tribute to our friend Nigel Hellon, who we sadly lost recently. He always enjoyed this shoot.  

Well done to all and thanks to everyone who turned up today. 


Mark receiving his Trophy from JB. 

All the prize winners from today 

Couldn't let this item end without showing  the carnage and suffering that our clipboards go through during these type of events. 

Not only was the clipboard savaged but the pen inside was obliterated.

Just remember not to lend your pens to JB or they may suffer the same fate.