Our First Club Vegas 

"Let's have a Vegas competition" they said.

"I will make the trophy and medals" said Mark.

"We'll need to practice!" we all said. 

And we did.

So Sunday came and the Vegas faces were pinned to the bosses, the trophy and medals were polished, and they shone in the bright hall lights. 

Seventeen of us stepped up to the line as "Clear to Shoot!" was called.

It was hot. It was tense. It was fun!

Sixty arrows later, and we had to hit the coffee......lids! While the scores were combined with the handicaps by the club human calculator (Barry) to find the ultimate victor, we broke the tension by pounding coffee tin lids cunningly pinned to the straw. 

Max is full of beans about this end!

JB and Mark were on the espresso!

Steve's longbow Mocha Shocka!

Then...the results were in. 

Who was the first recipient of that tremendous trophy? 

Who was going to feel the weight of those fine stainless steel medals around their necks?

It was...


Closely followed by Neil and Rowan.

Well done, guys!

All of the medal winners

We saw a variety of bowstyles on the day, and the results run-down looks like this...

For the raw score medals (no handicap) Max(220), Sophia (184)

In reverse order (handicap adjusted totals)

Becky (1358)

Barry (1377)

John (1428)

Jevgenijs and Mark (1438)

Mel (1440)

Dave (1446)

Steve (1453)

Charlie (1461)

Rowan (1497)

Neil (1501)

and Chris with 1507.

Thanks to Mark for producing the beautiful trophy and medals, Barry for record-keeping and calculations, and everyone for taking part.

Looking forward to the next one already!