UV for Reevie!

Post date: May 1, 2015 8:16:00 AM

It was the end of the evening's shoot and the search for the stray arrow began in earnest. The club metal detector had quietly passed away during the indoor season without anyone noticing, so it was down to the eagle-eyes of the archers to search the field around the 60yd line, but how big a radius?

With the shadows lengthening and the desperation setting in, the call went out for back-up.

Fifteen minutes later, armed with batteries, extra metal detector and torches, the search party grew and the hunt continued, but the light was failing and the posse resorted to feeling their way around the ground, some on hands and knees!

Suddenly, with a flash of inspiration, Dave goes for the torch with the Ultraviolet setting. He tested it on the missing arrow's twin and hey presto! it lit up like a prop from a 1980's pop video!

He set off undaunted by the fact that the UV beam was less than 10cm in diameter and the field stretched out for a hundred yards - but he knew it was worth a shot.

Within 10 sweeps of the beam there it was, glowing in the grass, not more than 2 yards from the target stand - an area searched by metal detectors and archers for the past hour and a half!

There was relief all round as the search team picked their way back to the shooting line in the dark.

Well done Dave! And a big thank you goes out to John H, Paul, Mel, Dave and Haydn for staying so long after the session to look for it. Being a school field, we can never leave without ensuring all our equipment is accounted for - even in the dark!