Team KLBAC at Fakenham May Day Shoot

Post date: May 7, 2014 9:47:44 PM

It was a cold and windy start to day one of the Fakenham May Day Weekend which kicked off with the Longbow tournament which was attended by Tim finishing 9th, Mark 15th, John 22nd and Charlie 2nd in the Juniors, Tim also received an award for most golds unrewarded. During the break the wind calmed down somewhat and the sun made an appearance to mark the start of the Record Status Warwick rounds which were attended by John finishing 3rd in the Gent’s Recurve Warwick, Jodie 2nd in Women’s Recurve Warwick, Mark 1st in Gent’s Barebow Warwick and Charlie 1st in Junior Gents Barebow Warwick.

Day two saw more sun and even more wind for the Record Status Albion and Windsors which were attended by John finishing 9th in the Gents Compound Albion, Andy 1st and Mark 3rd in Gents Recurve Windsor, Jodie 2nd in Women’s Recurve Windsor and Charlie 1st in Junior Gents Recurve Windsor. By the start of the 3rd distance Andy had lost a fletching on each of his arrows and was forced to shoot 6 arrows with only 2 fletchings each and still managed to achieve the winning score, so well done Andy.

Archers shooting 3 bow styles over the weekend were entered into Tri-Bow challenge in which John came 4th, Mark 6th and Charlie 8th. Charlie was presented with a small trophy for being the 1st Junior to take part in the Tri-Bow event.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Andy, John and Jodie the Kings Lynn Bowmen came 3rd in the team event.

Reporter: Mark Martin

Full results sheet can be found at the Fakenham Bowmen's Site.

Fakenham May Day Shoot