Super Sunday Shooting

Post date: Apr 2, 2017 7:27:35 PM

I'm not sure we could have asked for a more gorgeous morning to kick off our 2017 outdoor season.

With targets set out at various distances, a relaxed morning was spent trying to find that sight sweet spot and getting used to shooting 6 arrows again instead of 3.

Some people got to grips a lot quicker than others.

Well done Tony for a lovely six gold end.

Tony's Golden Six
Tuning Session

There was also a bow tuning session going on in another part of the field.

Thanks to John and Duffy for running it, the plan is to have a few more of these as the weeks go on.

A big thanks to all the members who turned out today, it was great to see everyone mucking in to get the field set up.

But a special mention goes out to Neil and Bentley who got the field marked out ahead of the shoot today and made the placing of the targets a lot easier, well done guys.

Hope to see you all again next week and if you can make it on Wednesday don't forget it's 17:45 for a 18:00 start.

Break Time