St.George's Day Shoot 2015

Post date: May 3, 2015 11:21:30 AM

KLBAC's very own St.George

T'was the 26th of April, the day was dark and the sky pendulous. A knight appeared on the field at KES, his red cape flowing and brandishing his trusty longbow. It was St.George and he was here to usher in KLBAC's annual St.George's day shoot.

Thanks to all who competed, we had a great attendance despite the threat of the heavens opening up on us at any time, which thankfully it didn't.

Congrats to all the medal winners, you can see them in all their glory by viewing the gallery from the left hand menu.

Big thanks to John B. for organising the event as usual and a huge thanks to our Lord Paramount of the day, St.George himself, although some say it might actually have been Tony, Nah!!!