Slaying the Dragon

Post date: Apr 23, 2017 9:54:34 PM

St.George's day is with us once again and this year the King's Lynn bowmen celebrated it slightly differently. Being the patron saint of archers we normally mark the occasion by shooting a St.George round but today the KLBAC members were treated to a rather unique challenge.

Hearing that some dragons had occupied our hallowed shooting ground, some knights had been dispatched to fight them off. Unfortunately they had become frozen in their tracks mere yards from engaging with them.

The archers of KLBAC's mission was simple but required skill and audacity, shoot over the stricken knights and kill the dragons.

Easy some may say, but having to stay a safe distance so as to not share the same fate as the knights meant shooting at over a hundred yards away.

After 3 dozen arrows each, the dragons were weakened enough for our archers to safely advance a little nearer and with a final 3 dozen the dragons were vanquished.

In true KLBAC fashion scores were kept for hits on the dragons and many congrats to the highest scorers.

Jade Mason: Female Longbow

Sindy Baker: Female Barebow

Harry Thompson: Junior Longbow

Lewis Kershaw: Junior Barebow

John Bruce: Male Longbow

john Hawkes: Male Barebow

A very big thank you goes out to John Bruce who organised the whole event and to the creative talents of Amanda Bruce for designing the dragons.

KLBAC archers

N.B. No real dragons were harmed in the making of this tournament, unfortunately the same can not be said for the knights.