Longbow Tournament 2014

Post date: Jun 21, 2014 12:04:14 PM

The threatening weather was not enough to stop a great turnout for last Sunday's annual Longbow Tournament.

The round shot was a Western and we had more members take part then we have done in several years, whether they had there own equipment and had to beg, borrow or just ask very nicely for a bow.

They day ultimately went to Tim with a cracking score of 423.

Many thanks to John for running the event and lending members his longbow stuff.

Also to Sindy for doing a sterling job as Lady Paramount.

The full results were:

1st Tim Reeves 423

2nd Mark Martin 364

3rd Dave Reeve 300

4th John Bruce 297

5th Steve Wardlow 220

6th Jodie Neeve 218

7th Will Retchless 212

8th Charlie Evans 186

9th Simon Clarke 135

10th Mel Reeve 95

Longbow Tournament winner Tim