Fun Shoot 2019

Post date: Sep 21, 2019 3:51:25 PM

After the first fun shoot attempt was postponed due to typical British summer weather, the re-scheduled event took place a few weeks later on the 8th September. There was a number of challenges played including:

Archery Pontoon

Highest hand with 3 arrows without busting, shot as a head to head.

Wand shoot

Try to break the stick and release the sweets, or in this case just spear the sweets.

Shooting while balancing on a wobble board.

a lot harder than it looks.

Opposite Hand shoot

Basically shooting with the opposite hand than you normally do. No problem for Oliver.

Then last but not least pop the Balloons.

A great time was had by all, a big thank you to Mel for organising the games and Andrew for drumming up the custom.

Congrats to the trophy winners (list can be found in the members area) and those who bagged the sweets. See you next year!