Apple Picking the Hard Way

Post date: Aug 13, 2017 5:43:00 PM

Bucking the trend of this week's rather autumnal weather, today's Fun Shoot enjoyed some glorious sunshine.

First up was a game of 201 D'archery, or should that be Dartchery?, either way it was done bare bow at 30 yards. First four to reach it then did a 101 to decide the winner and claim the bar of chocolate prize.

Then came a more exacting challenge, trying to spear an apple. The apples were placed on stands, cunningly crafted by Neil, just in front of a boss at a distance of 20 yards and of course it was still bare bow.

First to claim an apple and a very sticky arrow was Mel, but eventually everyone managed to spear at least one.

With nibbles, banter, balloons and apples, a great day was had by all that came.

A big thanks goes out to Neil for putting in so much effort into making the morning

a success. Well Done.

Apples survive another round
Neil and his apples
Fun Shoot Group Shot