7th David "Chuffy" Atkinson Memorial Club Tournament

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 3:53:10 PM

Sunday 21st July was the club's annual "Chuffy" shoot in memory of David 'Chuffy' Atkinson, a much-missed member of the club who sadly passed away in 2006. David was an avid fan of all things American, so appropriately, the day comprised of an American round (30 arrows @ 60yds, 30 @ 50yds and 30 @ 40yds) and the trophy/medals were awarded on a handicap basis. For the novices, there were adapted American rounds of shorter distances with medals for the highest straight score at each distance.


The results are in and can be viewed on the Resources page. It was a very good turn out on a cooler (but more comfortable) day than expected, with 18 archers competing. Congratulations to Jade for winning the trophy and all the medal winners of the day.